Zuzalu Zero-Knowledge Week

Zuzalu Zero-Knowledge Week

🔮 Overview

Zuzalu is a pop-up community in Montenegro bringing together individuals from various communities, including Ethereum, applied cryptography, longevity research, decentralized science, public goods, and other related fields.

During Zuzalu’s ZK Week (April 16th - 23rd), contributors from the global zero-knowledge community will be helping to run educational events and workshops. Participating organizations include 0xPARC, Ethereum Foundation PSE, Polygon, Scroll, Axiom, Geometry, ZKPodcast, and more.

  • ZK Week (April 16th - 23rd) will feature talks, workshops, and discussions hosted by a variety of ZK experts and specialists, targeted towards all experience levels.
  • The week will culminate in a weekend ZK Hackathon (April 22nd - 23rd), where participants of all experience levels are invited to build together in a collaborative and education-focused environment.

Additionally, Zuzalu residents and ZK Week visitors are invited to hack on the Zuzalu Passport System: an open-source identity system, built for Zuzalu participants, by Zuzalu participants.

✈️ Apply to Visit ZK Week

ZK Week will take place at Zuzalu in Lustica Bay, Montenegro, from April 16th - April 23rd.

If you’re interested in visiting ZK Week, apply here by April 7th! As Zuzalu has a limited capacity for guests, we may not be able to accept all visitors. We’ll get back to you within a few days with a decision, and instructions on next steps.

Accepted visitors are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodations. Here are some recommendations:

  • Accommodations: The Chedi hotel will be the most convenient option given it is in the middle of our village, however it is a bit more expensive. There are also lots of AirBnbs near the Lustica Bay area. Another option is to book in the city of Tivat; Tivat is a 20 minute drive away, but there are a lot more hotel options around there.
  • Flights: Your best options will be TGD or TIV airport. Podgorica Airport (TGD) is the largest airport in Montenegro, and is a 1hr 30min drive to our location. Tivat Airport (TIV) is the closest airport, only a 15 minute drive away.

In addition, visitors will need to purchase a Zuzalu visitor pass from Zuzalu program organizers ($100 for a weekend, or $300 for a week). A limited number of scholarships to waive the visitor pass fee are available for accepted visitors for whom the visitor pass would make attending difficult.

🕒 Schedule

You can find the full ZK Week Schedule on the Zuzalu Website. In general, programming is being kept fairly light--residents and visitors are encouraged to schedule ad hoc sessions and build projects during the week.

  • On Sunday (today) we'll have the ZK Week kickoff session in the Dome from 7-8PM, followed by a "ZK Projects Meet & Greet" social at the Chedi hotel co-working room afterwards. Several community members will also be running introductory workshops over the afternoon.
  • From Monday through Friday, community members will run workshops in the Dome and the Chedi co-working room from 5-8PM. The Chedi co-working room will be open from 9AM - 5PM for ZK community members to congregate and cowork together every day.
  • While we encourage interested residents and visitors to work on a project throughout the week, next Saturday and Sunday are set aside as a "Hack Weekend" where you can go heads-down building with mentor support, at the Chedi co-working room.
  • ZK Week finishes with project demos next Sunday (April 23) at 7PM. Submit your project by Sunday late afternoon - instructions will be sent closer to the weekend!
  • If you're interested in hosting an ad hoc workshop or session during the week, use the Zuzalu website to book a time in the Dome from 9AM - 5PM! If you have any trouble with this, message into the Zuzalu ZK Study Club group ("ZK Week Questions" channel).

🛠️ Building at ZK Week

We encourage residents and visitors to work on a project. Mentors will be available for three tracks: Nova Track, Hacking Your Zuzalu Passport, and zkEVM Track.

Building at ZK Week — Nova TrackBuilding at ZK Week — Hacking ZupassBuilding at ZK Week — zkEVM Track

You're also welcome to hack on other ZK-related topics--specialists are around to help those interested in ZKML (see EZKL) or PLONK (see PLONKathon and repo).