Building at ZK Week — zkEVM Track

Building at ZK Week — zkEVM Track

Track organizers: Sandy Peng and Jordi Baylina

Just a couple of years ago, creating a generalized virtual machine that allows anyone to take advantage of zero-knowledge proof attributes such as 3rd party computation and fast verification was just the stuff of theory.

Today it’s the reality, implemented through zkEVM.

There are still lots of research as well as engineering problems to indulge in this field, so happy hacking from Scroll and Polygon zkEVM. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Resources for builders interested in zkEVM


zkEVM circuit arithmetization
  • Speaker: Haichen Shen
  • Description: The architecture of the zkEVM and showcase of the circuits
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: Thursday, April 20th, 17:00-18:30, Board Room
zkEVM Research and Application
  • Speaker: Ye Zhang
  • Description: zkEVM open research problems and applications
  • Level: Advanced
  • Time: Friday, April 21st, 17:30-18:20, Dome
Scaling Ethereum with Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Speaker: Filip Pajić
  • Description: Introduction to rollups and the zkEVM.
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: Friday, April 21st, 17:00-17:30, Ballroom
Future of Polygon zkEVM
Deploying a zkEVM
  • Speaker: Eduardo Antuña
  • Content Edu’s workshop
Circom Workshop
  • Speaker: Roger Taulé
  • Slides Roger’s workshop

General Hacker Resources:

Further Reading & Watching:

Interesting Protocol Research:

  • Decentralizing sequencer and prover
    • Protocol design
    • Mechanism design
    • Enforced transactions
    • MEV Related research
  • Layer 3 and Layer 3 SDK
    • Is it really needed?
    • Design and Architecture Considerations
  • Liquidity split among layer 2s
    • Composability
    • Safe Cross Network messaging
  • Resource pricing for zkEVM
    • Proving Cost vs Execution cost
  • Data availability compression
  • ECDSA verification and aggregation
  • EIP-4844