Session 2: Tooling/Application Hackathon Projects

Parameters: Wednesday, April 19, 1:30PM at the Dome


Build something similar to zkrepl.com but for Nova (novarepl.com): Much more detailed strawman spec/ideas in Nova/IVC REPL: https://zuzalu.notion.site/Nova-IVC-REPL-d2aa586933144bc694df27ff3b40dbe6


Implement Nova in Python to aid research PoC implementations in future for educational programming (such as plonkathon.com). More details in Nova.py

TPU-based MSM library

Extend something like pasta-msm to work on TPUs efficiently and be up to par with some of the latest hardware acceleration benchmarks we’ve seen. Another related exploration is the use of WebGPU for fast MSMs.

Signature Aggregation

A few folks are interested in using Nova for efficient signature aggregation (perhaps verifying ECDSA signatures in native-field arithmetic using the secp/secq cycle).

Few more projects are listed in the hackathon section.

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OP-Stack Nova Verifier