Session 1: Research Hackathon Projects

Parameters: Wednesday, April 19, 11AM at the Dome


Formalise and write a technical explainer/paper on Parallelizing Nova along with finishing the PoC implementation and benchmarking it

Nova On-Chain Verifier

Research the most efficient/gas-friendly way to put Nova/higher degree Nova on-chain: Current ideas include using BN254/Grumpkin cycle with Marlin/Spartan such that on BN254 side we use pairing/kzg based protocol and sumcheck/hyperplonk style protocol on the grumpkin side.

Putting Nova on-chain will gather much more attention on it from application devs and put our tooling on the critical dependency path to them — IMO we should make this our #1 priority since its a great wedge

Lookups Folding Implementation

Implementing https://hackmd.io/vn7hWnjCQXCEpQvPDflL8g and/or https://hackmd.io/Nuwf9Q6yRtSVK7ldKgo9kw

Goblin PLONK + Nova

Using Goblin PLONK ideas to speed up Nova recursion


Making Nova post-quantum secure

Few more projects are listed in the hackathon section.

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Moon Moon

Condense all the ideas from Folding Endgame into a beginner-friendly writeup, implement PoC with Lev